Central Connecticut State University—One of the Best in New England

One of Connecticut’s premiere comprehensive public universities, Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), offers one of the highest quality educational programs in the region. CCSU professors work hard to connect with each of their students and provide them the personal attention they need for academic success. CCSU’s low 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio keeps most classes small. Nearly half have 20 or fewer students, ensuring that professors get to know their students as individuals. Experts in their fields, CCSU professors are dedicated scholars, having earned national and international awards for their research. As one student notes, “There are great professors at CCSU, and they will help you every step of the way.” CCSU offers more than 100 majors — a breadth and depth of academic programs that few other institutions offer. And those programs are exceptionally good. Recently, when alumni who had graduated 3 to 5 years ago were asked to evaluate their majors at Central, 91 percent indicated “Good” to “Excellent,” and nearly 70 percent rated theirs “Very Good” to “Excellent.” That’s an extraordinary testament to the quality of the University’s programs and the teaching of its professors. CCSU is committed to providing an excellent AND affordable education. According to Schools.com, CCSU takes “the No. 1 spot in the state for its raw affordability of tuition and fees.” The University has also been working hard to increase financial aid: since 2006, the amount awarded has doubled to nearly $100 million. Last year, more scholarships were awarded than ever before: Over $1.3 million was provided to some 900 students. CCSU’s aim is even higher this year: More support for more students. The University’s 16 NCAA Division I programs are a major source of campus pride and excitement. Blue Devil football, men’s basketball, women’s and men’s soccer, men’s track and cross country, and the women’s swimming and diving teams have been frequent Northeast Conference Champions. CCSU also offers many intramural and club sports plus several fitness centers and playing fields for recreation. With more than 130 student clubs, you’ll find that there’s always something to do at CCSU. You’ll find a strong and growing sense of connection at Central, where new and enduring friendships are formed, where all are welcomed and supported. CCSU works to extend those connections outward to the community for service learning, internship and job opportunities, as well as for fun and entertainment. There’s something special about Central that reaches back to its beginnings in 1849. That’s why its motto is “CCSUConnected.” The University’s distinguished alumni include successful business men and women, the first Latina state supreme court justice, CEOs in a wide range of industries and corporations, leading academics at national universities, award-winning educators and educational leaders, trainers and coaches at high schools and colleges as well as top NFL and MLB teams, journalists, novelists, and artists. You’ll find a network of loyal alumni who will not only inspire you by their accomplishments but who will also be eager to connect with you to provide job- and career-starting advice and welcome you as a future Blue Devil alum! To learn more, please visit ccsu.edu. See for yourself all that CCSU has to offer by scheduling a campus tour at (860) 832-CCSU (2278) or via e-mail at Admissions@CCSU.edu. You can schedule a tour online at ccsu.edu/tours.