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Text Messaging Apps SMS Apps For Android

Android is a popular operating system that is installed on many phones. Android phones have many useful applications and setting vpn android. Besides you can download apps for chatting. Lets see it:

1) Handcent Next SMS

Let’s introduce you to one of the most powerful and customizable SMS messenger applications you can find on Google Play Store.

Just like the Chomp SMS app, Handcent is one of our best texting app recommendations that come with lots of handy features.

This user-oriented software will make a great replacement messenger for your in-built Android text messaging app.

Some useful features here include different user themes, SMS backup, a privacy box for storing all your private conversations, emojis, eCards, and many more.

Yet another noteworthy feature here is the Handcent Anywhere tool, which will enable users to send text on their tablets or PCs if the need arises. 2) Mood Messenger Perhaps you’re often frustrated by the integrated Android texting app on your smartphone; you must check out Mood Messenger a fully customizable third-party messaging software.

It has been touted as the best messaging app for Android devices this year and it does all the regular stuff like theming, SMS, MMS, emojis, and others.

There’s also a dark mode available for blacklisted or spam numbers, and more.

Mood Messenger’s premium subscription requires a one-time payment of 10.99 USD.

It can also generate more themes, create backups and restore them when needed, create SMS encryption, plus provide you with a private locker for keeping other people out.

Although the premium features are somewhat expensive, they provide a positive experience overall. 3) Pulse SMS

This is Pulse SMS; the best texting app recommendation on this list for Android, Google Chrome, PCs, and many more platforms.

It is a unique texting app that is also compatible with dual-SIM phones.

Moreover, Pulse SMS can be used to create message backups, blacklist phone numbers, and lots more.

The texting features of this app are free. However, you’ll be required to pay a monthly fee if you want to also text from your tablets, PCs, etc.

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