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Apple's flagship product

The world-famous Apple has produced a number of hit products. Apps like are the same popular gadgets nowadays. Among them, there are quite a few products that are said to be masterpieces.

Apple's history dates back to 1976 when the first product "Apple I" was born. At the time, it was called the computer revolution. This Apple was assembled and produced by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, and it is also the forerunner of the personal computer. Among them, I will give you a representative work.

In 1977, the personal computer "Apple II" was released. It is the world's first trial and a big hit product.

In 1984, the new Macintosh was born, and with a focus on ease of use and a clean design, it was widely used in the fields of web design, graphic design, illustration, music and video at that time.

In 1986, "Macintosh Plus", which can use Japanese, was released, and it was a personal computer that many Japanese people used at that time. With a neat and beautiful design and no wastefulness, applications and systems can be stored on a floppy disk, making it a personal computer that is useful for hobbies and work.

In 1989, the "Macintosh SE/30", with a RAM capacity of 128MB, became a hot topic as the latest device at that time.

The Macintosh PowerBook 140, released in 1991, was the first portable computer with a built-in battery. It was around this time that laptop computers became popular.

1996 is the first "Power Macintosh 7220" that became a metal type. It is a sophisticated design that is different from plastic.

In 1998 "iMac" appeared. The semi-transparent, transparent round design instantly became a hot topic and had an impact on the world.

In 2001, the first generation "iPod" appeared. The original type of iPod, such as music file management and menu operations, came from here.

In 2006, "iTV" was announced, which allows users to watch videos at home via wireless LAN from iTunes.

In 2007, "the iPhone" was born, which became explosively popular with smooth image quality. This is the origin of the highly functional and popular iPhone.

In 2008, it was the first light and thin Macbook Air ever.

2010 saw the birth of the iPad, which is a tablet computer.

In 2012, we switched to new models such as "iPad" and "MacBook Air" other than iPod classic.

Over the years, Apple's products, which continue to produce hot hits, are all innovative and energetic. Emphasizing ease of use and design, products that continue to evolve will continue to create products that will surprise us.

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