Achieve Academic Strength and Opportunity at Lycoming College

Founded in 1812, Lycoming College is a four-year, private liberal arts and sciences college dedicated to the undergraduate education of 1,300. Its rigorous academic program, vibrant affinity residential communities and supportive faculty foster successful student outcomes like no other. Nestled in on the shores of the Susquehanna River, among the wilds of Pennsylvania in the vibrant, thriving city of Williamsport, Pa., Lycoming is one of the 50 oldest colleges in the nation and boasts almost 15,000 alumni.


Lycoming ranks among “America’s Best Colleges” according to, and the College celebrates its position as a Tier 1 institution by U.S. News & World Report. The Princeton Review rates Lycoming as one of the top colleges in the Northeast. The national honor society Phi Kappa Phi has awarded six fellowships and an Award of Excellence to Lycoming students. Lycoming College has been named to the United States President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (35,000 volunteer hours were donated last year alone) and also ranks in the top 25 percent of U.S. liberal arts and sciences institutions for graduation rates that significantly exceed rates predicted based on students’ backgrounds, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Centers & Institutes

Lycoming College boasts a most distinctive and educational outreach suite of five Centers and Institutes to complement its classroom curriculum, three of which are highlighted below.

Clean Water Institute: The Clean Water Institute (CWI) offers both research-based service to the region and experiential, collaborative learning opportunities to students through practica, internships and independent study. Founded in 1999, the highly-regarded CWI studies water quality and aquatic biodiversity in the watersheds of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and its major tributaries. Through partnerships with federal and state agencies, local municipalities, corporations and watershed groups, CWI has provided nearly 200 students with high-impact educational experiences beyond the classroom and has garnered more than $600,000 in grants from 25 nonprofit organizations, public entities and foundations in recent years.

The Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences: The Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences is a three-pronged approach to high impact-high reward education: global experiences, internships and undergraduate research. The College believes that preparing, launching, and sustaining graduates into careers of significance and lives of meaning is accomplished by more than just obtaining a degree. It is accomplished by providing out-of-the-classroom opportunities where students can reflect, discuss and apply their classroom learning across all disciplines. The completion of at least one of these opportunities is now a graduation requirement for Lycoming students although often, it is not a question of which one, but how many.

Center for Energy & the Future: Lycoming College’s facilities and faculty are committed to research and first-rate teaching. Therefore the College has developed an Institute for Energy Studies that houses interdisciplinary research on local, national and global energy systems and offers a distinctive undergraduate program. At the same time, its location at the doorstep of the Marcellus shale region provides the College with a comparative advantage. As a liberal arts college, Lycoming approaches the study of energy systems as a complex set of relationships among the natural world, the social world and cultures — and not just with Marcellus shale but also with coal, oil and many other natural resources. Faculty members collaborate across disciplines bringing together social and natural scientists from all fields to research the implications of different forms of energy at the local, national and global levels. The institute expands even further the College’s capacity to respond to the national mandate for well-educated STEM graduates, a focus of Lycoming’s curricular and facilities expansion over the last two years.

Outdoor Leadership Education

Learning while doing is one of the most effective ways to gain and apply new knowledge and skills. Lycoming’s Outdoor Leadership and Education program and staff is committed to providing students with opportunities to learn and grow through intentionally-designed outdoor experiences in an adventure-filled, fun environment. The year-old program provides opportunities for students to enhance personal growth, leadership, civic responsibility and environmental stewardship through interaction with the natural world.

By participating in one of the school’s carefully-designed outdoor education activities, students will develop personally and professionally. Lycoming believes natural environments are powerful teachers. Through interactions with these environments people are changed in ways that are not possible in a traditional classroom setting. These experiences allow students to challenge themselves to take intellectual, social, emotional and physical risks that enhance personal and professional growth. Students are actively engaged throughout the learning process in posing questions, investigation, experimenting, being curious, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative and constructing meaning.

Investment in Students Equals Successful Outcomes

Lycoming’s high retention and graduation rates are directly attributed to the caring and dedicated faculty and the energized community in which students live and learn. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and adaptability to walk confidently into an ever-changing world as citizens dedicated to service, leadership and achievement.

Lycoming students reap the rewards of the College’s sound and strategic fiscal management plan. Well-managed financial resources translate into academic strength and opportunity, a beautiful and functional campus and the ability to admit students regardless of their financial need. By investing available resources in the areas that impact students most — highly-qualified faculty, research and technology, programs that develop character and critical thinking, internships and career placement — Lycoming provides its students with significant advantages, and will remain positioned to do so into the future.