D’Youville Expands Healthcare Programs to Meet Demand

D’Youville College continues to expand its impressive lineup of nationally known health care education programs with the recent addition of three new offerings to meet the needs of both the public and students. New programs include anatomy, public health, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

A unique new program in anatomy, designed for both graduate and undergraduate students, allows grad students the opportunity to complete a master’s degree in just 12 months and, for new undergrad students, the opportunity to obtain both a bachelor’s and master’ s degree in just five years.

“This program is ideal for those with a bachelor’s degree who wish to apply to professional health care programs such as medical, dental, physician assistant or chiropractic,” said Dr. Marion Olivieri, Chair of Biology and Mathematics at D’Youville and director of this new program.

“It’s also perfect for those students who are on a waiting list for entrance to such programs as it will enhance their credentials.”

Those enrolled in this program can participate in D’Youville’s annual Italian-American Conference on Human Anatomy, research and Healthcare Professions.

A new Public Health Program introduces students to a broad spectrum of public health careers in fields such as epidemiology, math, philosophy, sociology, statistics, research, and health service.

“It is an ideal pre-health avenue for graduate level degrees or to enter the work force directly,” says Dr. Lisa Rafalson, Chair of the Health Services Administration Department at D’Youville. “Public health offers job opportunities within federal and local governments, local departments of public health, community health, insurance companies and academia.”

Rafalson noted the workforce in New York State as it relates to public health workers is insufficient. “There are 73 public health workers per 100,000 populations compared to 158 per 100,000 for the entire nation and 80 percent of the public health workforce nationwide lacks formal training in Public Health,” she said.

Qualified high school applicants to the program are eligible for scholarships offering a 50 percent reduction in tuition, and other scholarships are available for transfer students.

In addition to a stand-alone bachelor’s degree program, there is now a joint bachelor’s and master’s public health program available.

A new Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program expands on what students have learned as an advanced practice registered nurse. They are prepared to assume leadership roles in mental health care, research, administration and education.

As access to health care increases, and the population ages, this special nurse practitioner is more widely recognized by the public as a source for primary health care. The demand for these individuals will continue to increase across the spectrum of health care services, according to the College.

Applicants will need a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited higher education institution, a master’s degree with specialty preparation as an advanced practice nurse, and a current license to practice professional nursing in New York State or Ontario.

D’Youville has long been an international leader in health care starting with its four-year nursing program established in 1942. A number of new programs were added over the years including occupational and physical therapy, dietetics, physician assistant, pharmacy and chiropractic.