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Build a Foundation at HCC

Hillsborough Community College

Wondering where to go next? Let Hillsborough Community College (HCC) lead the way.

You’re looking for the next step after high school graduation. Have you considered starting your four-year degree at a two-year college? Here’s why you should.

You Won’t Be One of 100 in English 101

HCC has small class sizes. So when you’re taking freshman and sophomore classes, you’ll get to know your instructor and even get personalized attention.

You’ll Pay Half as Much

HCC is half the cost of state universities — for the same classes. Many HCC students also receive financial aid and scholarships. Why not save on your first two years before heading to a university to dig into your major?

You Can Jump Right into College Life

From athletics and clubs to student government and honor societies, HCC has endless ways to get plugged into the community and develop leadership skills.

You’ll Have Flexibility

Are you planning to work or have other responsibilities while going to college? HCC offers flexible scheduling, online and hybrid course options, and five convenient campus locations.

Your AA Credits Will Transfer, Guaranteed

Associate in arts (AA) students can rest assured the freshman and sophomore credits they earn at HCC will transfer to a state college or university.

You’ll Have a Team Pulling for You

HCC wants you to succeed. Each campus offers free tutoring services and caring advisors to help you follow the right track to achieve your goals. And expert faculty and staff are accessible and willing to help.

Find Your Career Path

HCC also offers a variety of career-ready programs for students who want to train for a specific job or industry. The associate in science (AS) degrees and certificates deliver diverse opportunities in areas like nursing, EMS, veterinary technology, culinary arts, engineering technology and firefighting.

Build a foundation that can change your life. Learn more about Hillsborough Community College at

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