The Time to Focus on You is Now at Five Towns College

Fall 2018 is just around the corner . . . now is the time to put yourself first! Five Towns College takes great pride in helping students connect with programs they love. For over 40 years, Five Towns College has served as a niche-type, accredited college offering professional performing arts degrees. The College offers associate, bachelor and master’s degrees. Also, a doctor of musical arts degree is an esteemed accomplishment there.

The College is centrally located in the heart of Long Island, New York. Travel time to Manhattan is about one hour by car or train and a visit to the Twin Forks, including the Hamptons and the North Fork is about an hour, too. So, spending one’s college years at Five Towns is truly a culturally rich experience.

Students who are passionate about jazz/commercial music, film/video, and business management with concentrations in audio recording technology and music business, music education, theatre arts, and mass communications with concentrations in broadcasting and journalism, immerse themselves in college life. The College’s faculty is superbly credentialed, have outstanding accomplishments in the entertainment industry, and bring their unique expertise into the classrooms. Students experience the pedagogy of critically acclaimed musicians, published writers, talented educators and professionals in many related fields.

Most students who attend Five Towns College enjoy the small and beautiful campus. Transfer students, who may have gotten lost in the crowd at a big university, finally get to connect and enjoy the personal relationships formed at Five Towns. There are four relatively new residence halls that house 200 students in double rooms with a private bathroom.

There are ongoing opportunities to participate musically, cinematographically and dramatically. Also, Five Towns College students learn about practical applications to the business world. The Career Services Department helps students network and connect with internships and jobs, develop interview skills, format résumés and serves as a wonderful resource throughout their college years and as alumni.

So, though it’s been said before, it’s worth repeating. . . If you’re serious about music, media, theatre arts or any of the programs Five Towns College students are passionate about, please visit and/or call the Admissions Office at (631) 656-2110. Five Towns can’t wait to meet you!