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Capitol Technology U. Educates Students in Exciting, High-Demand Fields

From fighting cybercriminals to building satellite payloads, Capitol offers the opportunity to get a running start in the engineering, technology, or business field of your choice — gaining valuable hands-on experience from day one. Capitol’s practical philosophy of education means you’ll graduate with job-ready expertise and skills in today’s high-demand fields.

Graduates of Capitol go on to be part of history-making space projects, like NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope mission. They are hired by the NSA and other federal agencies seeking skilled personnel to help bolster the nation’s cybersecurity defenses. Or they work for the key players in private industry — companies like General Dynamics, Honeywell, Lockheed-Martin, or Northrup-Grumman. Many are fielding job offers before they graduate. The hiring rate of Capitol alumni is so strong that the University offers students a guarantee — land a job at a competitive salary in your field of study within 90 days of graduation, or the University will provide free additional coursework to further build your capabilities. In a 2015 report, The Economist singled out Capitol as a school that delivers “top decile salaries” for its graduates.

Located in Laurel, Md., Capitol offers a close-knit college community with professors who know you by name and who are dedicated to your success. Starting in fall 2018, a brand new residence hall offers comfortable college living for undergraduate students, with classes only footsteps away. Located between Baltimore and Washington, just an exit away from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Capitol offers the opportunities that come with proximity to the nation’s Capitol while also fostering a friendly and supportive environment for students.

Undergraduate programs include:

Astronautical Engineering: advance the frontier of space exploration with a degree that prepares you for work with aircraft operating outside the earth’s atmosphere. You will learn the fundamentals of space operations and technology, flight dynamics, spacecraft design and earth science. AE students in Capitol regularly participate in NASA’s RockSat-X program and a student-led satellite project was chosen for launch by NASA as part of the CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI).

Business Analytics and Data Science: Companies need analytics professionals who can help them harness the power of data to make effective strategic decisions in a competitive marketplace. Capitol’s bachelor’s degree program in business analytics and data science blends the application of data analytics tools with the theory of marketing principles. You’ll learn to solve real-world challenges through case studies, labs and internships.

Computer Science: Capitol offers a versatile computer science program that enables students to focus their studies in their areas of choice, including cybersecurity, networking, hardware, or systems programming.

Cybersecurity: Capitol Technology University is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Security Agency (NSA) as a Center of Excellence in cybersecurity education, reflecting the University’s strong track record in the field. Capitol is home to the Cyber Lab, a unique facility that gives students the opportunity to test their skills in real-time cybersecurity scenarios.

Electrical Engineering: With an emphasis on design and practice, Capitol’s electrical engineering program is designed to prepare graduates to succeed at their jobs from day one. As students progress through the program, more theoretical methods of circuit modeling and computer-aided circuit simulation tools are taught, enabling you to design, build, test and analyze sophisticated circuits and systems. You can keep your engineering education broad-based or specialize in areas such as telecommunications, digital signal processing, integrated circuit design and control theory.

Unmanned Systems: Demand for skilled professionals is growing exponentially in a field that promises to reshape everything from retail sales to construction, agriculture, and real estate. The applications of unmanned and autonomous systems are potentially endless, and Capitol’s newly-launched degree program offers a gateway into this exciting technological revolution. The program provides a firm foundation in unmanned and autonomous systems flight operations, mission planning, special sensors, weapons, surveillance and data collection, aeronautical engineering, aeronautical technologies and ground control.

Capitol also provides bachelor’s degree programs in computer engineering, computer engineering technology, cyber analytics, electronics engineering technology, engineering technology, management of cyber and information technology, mechatronics engineering, mobile computing, software engineering, and technology and business management. Online master’s and doctoral programs are available in a broad variety of technology fields.

Capitol Technology University offers generous undergraduate scholarships, up to full tuition awards!

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