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Defiance College: An Extraordinay Education

Defiance College (DC) takes strong academic programs, adds bright minds, stirs things up a bit, and serves the world. The College is uncommonly good at it.

Defiance gives students an experience that defies the ordinary where they can grow through outstanding academics in a liberal arts environment, top-notch faculty who care about their students, and remarkable learning experiences that connect the classroom to the real world.

Students at Defiance can put an individual stamp on their education. They engage in relevant research programs that rarely happen before graduate school. They present at state and national conferences, campus symposia, and create capstone projects that represent a deeper understanding of their academic accomplishments.

The professors at Defiance are known for the individual attention they provide for their students. They stretch thinking skills in ways that prepare students for success, augmenting classroom theory with actual practice, bringing in internships, job shadowing, learning trips, and cooperative education projects.

An interdisciplinary focus and distinctive curriculum ensure that students develop their skills in critical thinking and problem-solving.

• Many programs of study give the opportunity for students to be immersed in research in their discipline. For example, Restoration Ecology majors conduct field research at the 200-acre Thoreau Wildlife Sanctuary.

• The new Krieger Foundation Visiting Scholar Program brings religious specialists to campus to expand spiritual exploration.

• Students can enrich their education in any major with honors courses, participation in honors symposia, and travel through DC’s popular Honors Program.

Defiance College is home to the nationally acclaimed McMaster School for Advancing Humanity, a program that is unique among colleges and universities across the country. McMaster gives students incredible opportunities to conduct research and service in specially-designed projects around the world.

The Presidential Service Leader Program is designed for students who have served and led their community in some way, and who want to continue that commitment. Students can apply their academic expertise, leadership skills and service in Project 701, a one-of-a-kind, student-run nonprofit organization in which students create, develop and run their own business or project.

Defiance is consistently recognized by the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. The College is at the forefront of colleges across the country that embrace service and engagement, and this is incorporate into a DC education.

Defiance College is also home of the Hench Autism Studies Program, an innovative, multi-faceted program designed to specifically address the late adolescent years and the transition of individuals with autism to adulthood. The newest addition is the ASD Affinity Program supporting college students with ASD in reaching their full potential. Varying levels of academic, social and residential support are designed to aid students in meeting their personal and professional goals.

Student Life

Student life is an important part of a Defiance College education. Activities include men’s and women’s NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports, student government, musical and theater groups, religious organizations, intercultural organizations, honor societies, special interest groups, intramural athletics, and Greek chapters including a service fraternity. The College recently added a cheer and dance program, and is one of a small number of colleges and universities in the country to offer eSports. Scholarships for eSports are also available.

For more information about Defiance College and its programs, visit

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