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Southern Connecticut State University: Leading the Way

As a public institution, Southern Connecticut State University takes seriously its obligation to provide affordable and accessible undergraduate and graduate programs that rival the quality of public and private university options in its region. The faculty and students work closely together to solve real world problems — in modern facilities and in close partnership with the community.

Location, Location, Location

As New Haven’s urban public university, the Southern Connecticut State University environment shapes and defines itself in special ways, from classes that use New Haven itself as a community for learning, to partnerships with local corporations and non-profits. Its location puts you close to tremendous internship, cultural, and career opportunities. You are minutes away from the theater district, world-class museums and galleries, biotech firms and large healthcare systems, and public service organizations, to name a few.

Academics And Career Success

Advancing the Sciences

Southern’s goal is to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills they need to be key contributors in areas of workforce demands in the STEM disciplines — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The expansion of science programs at Southern took a quantum leap forward with the opening of the new, state-of-the-art academic science and laboratory building, which is home to nanotechnology, physics and optics, cancer research, marine and coastal studies, astronomy, and other sciences.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Health Care Leaders

The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) is home to some of the most highly respected and sought-after degree programs in the region. CHHS programs have achieved national accreditation from nearly a dozen leading professional organizations. As the only college in our region to include this diverse selection of related disciplines under one umbrella, this structure allows for seamless delivery of collaborative learning experiences from multiple professions. Southern’s students graduate with the knowledge, confidence, and spectrum of interdisciplinary skills needed to deliver 21st-century healthcare and human services and become future leaders in their disciplines.

Educating Our Future Educators

The College of Education is the premier and primary educator of teachers within Connecticut. Its graduates are known throughout the state for their achievements and dedication to the field of education. Its on-campus Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, and the Barak H. Obama Magnet University School support teacher preparation and provides students with hands-on opportunities for research, training, and direct services to the community.

Arts, Culture, and Media Studies

Liberal Arts courses teach students to think critically – and opportunities for careers in the liberal arts are limitless, whether it’s on a stage, behind the scenes, in a studio, or in the field.

Across the dynamic landscape of arts, culture, and media studies, several emerging fields have gained prominence. These fields offer graduates exciting opportunities to explore the intersection of technology, creativity, and audience engagement, whether it’s through designing immersive digital experiences, preserving cultural heritage with innovative approaches, promoting well-being through art and health integration, crafting multi-platform narratives, or establishing entrepreneurial ventures within the creative industry.

Preparing Business Leaders For the 21st Century

Southern has a long tradition of providing opportunities for leadership, internships, alumni connections and mentorship, magnified through the School of Business. While coursework forms the basis of your education, Southern provides the opportunities that enable students to combine core experiences with the global and interdisciplinary elements driving business today.

Southern Connecticut State University involves students in experiential learning activities to maximize their engagement with key corporate and community stakeholders to prepare them for success in a rapidly changing business environment. The new School of Business building is the first building constructed by the state of Connecticut that is Net Zero Energy (NZE) in terms of its carbon footprint.

Choose To Get Involved

Balancing academic work with extracurricular activities can help you be more productive, have more fun, better prepared for life after graduation, and make lifelong friends. Choose from more than 125 clubs and organizations, and club and recreation sports that represent a wide range of skills and interests. Southern Athletics has one of the top NCAA Division II programs in the country.

Your activities will be unique to you. They’ll help you find your niche and connect to the people and things that are important to you. From academic-focused groups to residence life to community service groups, you’ll feel your Owl pride in no time and grow your leadership skills.

See the sights, meet the people, and let the University welcome you to Southern in person. Schedule a tour at


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