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Trocaire College: Hands-on Healthcare Education

Trocaire College has got the long view in mind — for both its students and the careers they’re working toward.

Trocaire’s healthcare degrees prepare students for fulfilling, lucrative careers in the area’s most booming industry. Nursing, healthcare informatics, health information technology, surgical technology: these areas are constantly evolving and expanding, which in turn offers Trocaire students ever-increasing career opportunities, ones that allow them to build the life they want for themselves and their families.

A Career You Can Count On

There has never been a more exciting time to join the healthcare field in Western New York. Thanks to cutting-edge development like the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and its many top-of-the-line hospitals and healthcare facilities, students armed with a degree from Trocaire will find that a challenging, fast-paced career that helps others is in reach.

In fact, nursing is the fastest-growing occupation in the U.S. Nurses make up the majority of the healthcare industry, with 438,100 more nursing jobs by 2026. With more than 100 potential specialties, there’s a niche for everyone.

The need for surgical technologists is growing faster than average as well, due to surgeries being safer than ever and an aging population requiring more of them. And with technology more and more integrated into almost every facet of life, including healthcare charting, insurance records and data management, degrees in health information technology and healthcare informatics are also in demand.

The job security and satisfaction that come from serving others aren’t the only appealing factors to a healthcare career. Salaries in those fields are also well above the median income in Buffalo, which means you can support your family as you work in a career you love.

Get Started—Fast

Though you might think of a doctor’s long, laborious path as the norm for healthcare education, Trocaire offers certifications and degrees in in-demand fields that can get you in the door within just a few years — and sometimes, even less!

Obtaining a phlebotomy certificate takes 10 weeks, while a practical nursing certificate can be earned in as little as a year. Associate in Applied Science degrees in nursing, surgical technology, radiologic technology, health information technology and healthcare informatics take just two years.

Trocaire doesn’t just give you the theoretical knowledge you’ll need, either — hands-on skill building is a priority from Day One. From lab experiences that mimic real-world scenarios to intensive clinical and internship experiences at leading employers over Western New York, you’ll be confident, competent and well-trained in your chosen industry before you even have your diploma in hand.

Support at Every Step

Trocaire’s staff and faculty will be at your side every step of the way. Support is paramount at Trocaire — if you’re willing to put in the hard work and dedication, the College will make sure you have whatever help you need to turn your dream into a reality.

Supplemental instruction and tutoring, personalized academic advising, spiritual and one-on-one counseling support — it’s all part of the Trocaire package.

That level of personal attention is something only a small, student-centered institution can offer, and Trociare is proud of its Mercy-founded reputation as a college that deeply cares about its students as individuals.

Online RN to BS in Nursing

The nursing industry has evolved dramatically over the last several years, and Trocaire has updated its offerings to keep place with the workforce’s needs.

Thanks to New York State’s recently passed “BSN in 10” legislation, registered nurses will have to complete a baccalaureate program in nursing within ten years after initial licensure in New York State, starting in 2020. Trocaire’s online RN to BS in Nursing degree fulfills that requirement, allowing busy working nurses to get the advanced education they need on their own schedule.

The degree prioritizes flexibility — students can build a course load that fits their needs and accommodates work hours, family obligations, and other commitments. It will teach nurses the leadership and management skills they need to advance their careers, increase their salary potential and open doors into new opportunities.

The program emphasizes nursing expertise beyond the clinical, such as patient education, health promotion, community health, healthcare across the lifespan, and technology integration — all key skills needed in the modern nursing world.

No matter what a student’s career ambitions may be, Trocaire has an affordable, quality program that fits their needs. Visit to start exploring the options, and schedule a visit or attend a spring Admissions event to learn more about the path to careers of achievement, and lives of purpose.

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