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The NYIT Student: Maker, Doer, Innovator, Entrepreneur

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Students today aren’t content with status-quo lectures and classes. They want an active, hands-on education that will propel them into the career world. NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) responds to its students’ passion for discovery, creativity, and collaboration by providing them with a modern education that leads to rewarding careers in many areas.

“NYIT’s ‘maker/doer’ culture fosters invention, innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship as necessary elements of a modern college education,” said NYIT President Henry C. Foley, Ph.D. “Most importantly, our students learn what we like to call ‘critical creativity,’ a special mindset that combines analytical and rational critical thinking with creative and imaginative design thinking. By harnessing both sides of the brain, NYIT students learn how to identify, address, and solve challenges, as well as create opportunities that benefit humanity.”

“It was always my dream to become a hacker,” said Hiba Fatima, who is majoring in information network and computer security. But rather than exploit information, Fatima wants to put her knowledge to “serve her nation and protect it.” To help realize that dream, she recently beat out more than 40,000 applicants to earn a cyber future operations internship with the Department of Defense (DoD).

NYIT’s award-winning faculty members help students like Fatima manifest their potential. “The staff and faculty members make sure we are in good hands and help guide us towards a better future,” Fatima said. It’s this approach that draws nearly 8,000 students around the world to the University’s campuses in Manhattan and Long Island.

Rankings That Are More Than Just Another Number

The University’s degree programs are consistently recognized in annual rankings and by leading accrediting agencies for their incredible value and outcomes. NYIT is among the Best Regional Universities (North), as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Perhaps most impactful for families, NYIT is ranked No. 5 among like institutions in the U.S. for the highest mobility rates for student income earnings after graduation, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

For health sciences major H. Mellisa Mahadeo, being born in Suriname meant that educational opportunities were minimal. “My family and I came to the United States in the hopes of ultimately finding a better life,” she said. “I know that the knowledge I received at NYIT will take me far in my career plans of working in hospital administration and possibly even social work.

Simply put, NYIT hones the passion of a student into a lifetime of purpose and prosperity.

Students Go Further with Support from All Sources

NYIT offers students the opportunity to mature and grow on their own while also remaining connected to their families and communities.

As chief of cardiology at Mount Sinai Queens in Astoria (NY), Atul Kukar (D.O. ’00) is accustomed to saving lives. But when he was a new medical student at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine, he was the one who needed support. “I got through medical school because of my friends and my family. I had everything I needed to be successful,” he said.

NYIT students can also take advantage of the University’s generous financial aid packages. Moises Lopez, an engineering student, has volunteered as a tutor for after-school community service programs in Harlem. “I was able to show my students how important electricity and its core concepts are in everyday life,” he said. “[My scholarship] guarantees many more experiences like these, where I get to expand my knowledge in and out of the classroom.”

Your Legacy Awaits

NYIT’s more than 100,000 graduates can be found around the world designing award-winning skyscrapers, saving lives through their work and research, and leading corporations and startups. NYIT alumnus Bill Zerella, for example, serves as chief financial officer of FitBit, and alumna Barbara Porter is chief technology officer for, which has sold more than $1 billion in beauty products.

“We look forward to helping the next generation of students create their own futures, giving them the tools and opportunities to succeed wherever their passion takes them,” said President Foley. “Every student has a calling, and NYIT was designed to help them find it.”

For recent graduate Maylan Studart, broadcast journalism is that calling. In 2016, she covered a presidential debate and then was one of 10 students accepted into the Society of Professional Journalists internship program. “NYIT has been nothing but supportive of my goals since I began classes,” she said. Her ultimate goal? “To be a CNBC news anchor.” She is already well on her way.

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