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SKEMA: A Gobal Experience in International Business

Do you know a high school senior interested in international business who has yet to commit to the college of their dreams for fall 2019? SKEMA Business school, a triple crown accredited (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA) institution, is now opening its elite international Bachelors in Business Administration curriculum to students enrolling in the U.S. and initiating their study on the school’s campus in Raleigh, N.C.

SKEMA, the global business school with campuses across four continents, established its U.S. presence in 2011 alongside partner university North Carolina State University (NCSU) — a collaboration that spans programs, faculty, research and cultural immersion. Since its creation, the school has been home to a rotating cohort of international undergraduate and graduate students who wish to acquire practical business knowledge with a deep focus on international and cross-cultural understanding of the market place. August 2019 will be the debut year of its U.S. initiated class.

Gisa Rollin, Development Director at the school, explains, “This is a unique opportunity for students who are uncommitted for 2019 to enroll at SKEMA. This year, the opportunity to enter such an elite program will be greater than any year in the future. The window is now for seniors who wish to pursue a career in international business while traveling the world. Further, the school’s endowment has created a generous scholarship fund that will help alleviate tuition burden for the first 50 qualifying students.”

Dr. Mohamed Desoky, Director of Academic Programs for the school, notes, “SKEMA offers students a unique value proposition that is unmatched globally: the chance to travel the world whilst receiving top-tier education from the most esteemed academics and practitioners. Our Raleigh presence in connection with NCSU elevates the experience by adding structural synergies and double-degree opportunities to further assist your transformation to a professional in this rapidly changing knowledge economy.”

SKEMA provides its students a global experience and a coveted career in international business. The school’s graduates enjoy an exceptionally high job placement rate as they endeavor to become future senior executives in the leading multinational corporations of tomorrow.

With 8,500 students and 42,000 graduates, SKEMA Business School is a global school that uses its research, teaching programs, and six complete full service campuses across four continents to train students and equip them to meet the requirements of companies in the 21st century. The School has six campuses worldwide: one in the U.S.A. (Raleigh), one in China (Suzhou), one in Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and three in France (Paris, Sophia Antipolis and Lille).

In December 2018, the school announced the creation of the SKEMA AI Global Lab, its augmented intelligence research laboratory, in the U.S.A. and France.

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