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Marymount University: The Best of Both Worlds

Marymount University

There are countless small, liberal arts universities across the country, but few are able to combine the benefits of a close-knit, suburban campus with easy access to the cultural, social and academic resources of one of the world’s great cities. Marymount University (MU) has a unique advantage for students because it is located inArlington, Virginia — just minutes from Washington, D.C. Lillian Catts ‘15, a business administration major, points out, “There’s always something new and exciting to do in D.C. And when I’m done in the city, I come back to campus where I feel very much at home. It’s the best of both worlds.”

At Marymount, students don’t just learn academically, they grow holistically at the intersection of real-world experience and an inspirational college-community environment.

“When you come to Marymount you are valued as a whole person, and not just for a test that you’ve scored well on or a sport that you play or your GPA. Your ideas, your dreams, your emotions — each part of you is valued. It’s areally beautiful combination that allows our graduates to go out and changethe world.” (Melissa Katella, nursing major)

Students who join the Marymount family-community get the best of both worlds through the following institutional characteristics:

An Academic Approach Educating the Whole Person

A Marymount education combines a strong liberal arts foundation with solid career preparation. The University’s wide range of majors includes programs in the arts and sciences, business, cybersecurity, education, psychology, criminal justice, health care, information technology, and more.

Marymount puts an emphasis on critical thinking, student research, and creativity through the DISCOVER Program, which offers students exciting opportunities for hands-on learning related to their academic and professional interests. Additionally, the University’s selective Honors Program provides highly-motivated students with extra challenges and enrichment through interdisciplinary study, faculty mentoring, special events on campus and around the D.C. area, and summer study abroad at Oxford University. Extensive study-abroad programs prepare students personally and professionally for life in a global society.

World-Class Internships Come Standard

Internships are such a critical component of a Marymount education that each student completes at least one internship for academic credit. The University’s proximity to Washington, D.C., provides an abundance of opportunities in sites like Congressional offices, the National Science Foundation, the White House, the F.B.I., Smithsonian museums, and the National Institutes of Health. Recent BBA graduate Edwin Rivera says, “My internship was with the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, just a Metro ride away from Marymount.”

As a result of the available resources within the D.C. metropolitan region, many students end up making career connections that lead to job opportunities after graduation.

Student Life Led by Servant Leadership

Campus life at Marymount offers something for everyone — leadership opportunities as well as social, recreational, spiritual and culturally enriching programs.

A spirit of service is at the heart of the athletics, student government, and more than 40 student organizations that make MU’s campus a truly vibrant community. There are clubs for just about every interest from those related to majors, like the Cybersecurity Society and the Fashion Club, to the Blue Harmony singing group and the International Club, which draws participants from all cultures and backgrounds.

Service to others is an important component of all Marymount activities, and Marymount clubs and teams carry out service projects throughout the year. During Orientation, freshmen are introduced to community service at Volunteer Service Day. Service is also emphasized across the curriculum through service learning projects in the D.C. region and abroad.

Diverse Athletics that Educate On and Off the Field

Marymount fields 17 NCAA Division III teams in the sports of baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, cross country, and golf. Marymount is also the first university in the nation to establish a fully supported varsity triathlon program for men and women.

José Gil-Figuero, a senior majoring in health sciences, says: “Playing lacrosse at the collegiate level was something I really wanted to do. Beyond the competition, it’s about the respect and bonding that you develop with other team members and the coach.”

David Huson, a recent BBA graduate, adds, “Being a student-athlete taught me responsibility and time management, two critical skills needed to succeed in college and beyond.”

See For Yourself

Visit Marymount! Experience the engagement and excitement on campus first hand. Contact Marymount’s Admissions office to schedule a visit. Call (703) 284-1500 or e-mail

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