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Find Success at California University of Pennsylvania

You’re ready to explore. To question. To discover your path to the future.

Your journey starts at California University of Pennsylvania.

Cal U connects classroom learning to the world outside.

The University encourages innovation. Promotes creativity. Masters technology.

Because in our fast-moving world, invention and discovery are part of everyday life.

Hands-on, Career-Focused Learning

Employers want job candidates who are career-ready today, and equipped to take on whatever tomorrow brings.

That’s why California University of Pennsylvania offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate-level programs, on campus and 100 percent online.

Whether you know where you’re going…or are still finding your destination…Cal U has an academic program that’s just right for you.

  • Construct a career in advanced manufacturing with mechatronics engineering technology, the only four-year program of its type in Pennsylvania. Or earn a degree in technology management 100 percent online.

  • Take flight with a two-year technical studies degree in unmanned aerial systems/drone technology, one of the fastest-growing career fields in the nation.

  • Enter the business world with specialized skills in accounting, finance, management or marketing. Then add a competitive edge — and learn to manage big data — with a SAS certificate in data science, among the most in-demand credentials in today’s job market.

  • Keep an eye on the sky with a career in meteorology. Head outdoors with a degree in fisheries and wildlife, geology or natural resource management.

  • Shape the future of education by teaching children, including kids with special needs. Or create safer communities with a degree in criminal justice, where you can focus on homeland and international security, criminology, forensic science or cybercrimes.

Cal U students in every field build knowledge through applied, active learning. Opportunities for internships, practicums and study abroad add experience and help build your résumé.

You’ll graduate ready to meet the demands of today’s economy and take on whatever challenges the future may bring.

STEM Skills for Every Student

In this digital age, technology isn’t confined to the lab. It’s a part of everyday life. For more than 40 years, Cal U has made science and technology its special mission, infusing information literacy and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills throughout the curriculum — even in programs where you might not expect it. For example:

  • Imagine preschoolers who use robots to learn their ABCs, or special needs students using iPads to reinforce behavioral skills. Cal U’s teacher-education students work with the latest classroom technology and software – and they share their learning with teachers in area schools.

  • Cal U’s Music and Theatre Department houses an innovative, multidisciplinary program in commercial music technology — the intersection of art and science. Theatre majors can specialize in design and entertainment technology, exploring the new equipment and software used throughout the entertainment industry.

  • Cal U English students have been involved in a series of digital storytelling projects that bring history into the digital age. Recognizing the power of images, as well as words, the communication studies program teaches the graphic design skills essential for social media and video production.

The list goes on, but the message is clear: Cal U wants every student, in every field, to graduate with the skills needed to compete in a fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Find Success

Cal U’s technology focus doesn’t mean it’s lost that personal touch. At Cal U, you’ll find the support you need to feel at home and find success.

Cal U offers small classes, with an average of just 19 students. And every class is taught by a faculty member, not a graduate student or teaching assistant. Online and on campus, the faculty and staff take a real interest in student success. They take pride in seeing students graduate with both the job skills and the confidence to reach their career goals.

Even first-year students can request a career adviser from the Career and Professional Development Center. Your adviser will help you explore career options and develop a Career Advantage plan. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the knowledge, skill and hands-on experience to make a powerful entry into the competitive job market.

Along the way, Cal U offers a wide range of opportunities — for making friends, serving the community, building leadership skills and enjoying college life on its beautiful riverside campus.

See for Yourself

Come see for yourself what California University of Pennsylvania has to offer. For details about campus visits and open house events, contact the Cal U Welcome Center at (724) 938-1626 or explore Cal U online at

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