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WCC: Here For You!

Throughout the tumultuous events of 2020, Westchester Community College (WCC) has maintained an unwavering focus on offering students a high-quality education while retaining one of the lowest tuition rates in the tri-state region. WCC did this while keeping the health and safety of its students and employees as a top priority.

Westchester Community College is the largest educational institution in the county. As such, you will enjoy a wide variety of resources and options. WCC offers over 60 degree and certificate programs, including innovative programs in high-demand fields including Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Nursing, Health Information Technology, Respiratory Therapy, and Digital Filmmaking. 

Wherever your academic journey takes you, starting at WCC will provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed. Thousands of students have started their higher education journeys here, taken advantage of its many transfer agreements with four-year institutions, or its several honors programs, before pursuing their academic goals at such four-year institutions as Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Smith, NYU, Sarah Lawrence, as well as SUNY campuses and local four-year institutions.

If your focus is on quickly entering the workforce, WCC offers many job skills and workforce training certificate programs. WCC students are often supported by grants and scholarships established specifically for these programs.

Just as important as academics is the sense of community that WCC students join. As the first SUNY campus to be designated a Hispanic Serving Institution, the WCC community reflects the cultural and economic diversity of the region. The institution is a living, breathing part of Westchester that goes beyond the influence of a typical college and affects the lives of all who enter its doors. It is a showcase for the best of Westchester.

When you arrive at Westchester Community College, you will be able to immerse yourself in your passions, or find new ones, with 60+ clubs and organizations. Becoming an active member in clubs/organizations is a great way to meet new friends who share your interests, to learn a new hobby, to expand your understanding of an area of study, to explore new cultures, and to make a positive impact on the community!

WCC has always stressed accessibility, which is why the College has five locations around the county. However, during the COVID crisis, this concept has been broadened to include remote accessibility. Most classes (other than labs, culinary arts, and other classes that require in-person instruction) were moved online for the 2020-21 school year. WCC’s faculty underwent thorough training to ensure continued excellence in instruction. All support services, including tutoring, academic advising and personal counseling, were offered remotely. Students who did not have a home computer were able to receive a loaner laptop from the College, and clubs, organizations and e-sports were all operating online. All this is to say that if WCC does not offer its classes on campus next semester (and we are doing everything we can to do so safely), you will enjoy the high-quality educational experience students have come to expect from WCC.

When we do return to campus, you will be able to enjoy WCC’s vast 218-acre location in Valhalla, where new buildings boasting state-of-the-art facilities dot the vibrant green expanse of the grounds. Each year, approximately 30,000 students come to the College to prepare for new careers, to improve their lives, to have fun, and to reach for their dreams. Many of them attend courses at the main campus with its state-of-the-art library, a bookstore, and astounding technological resources including thousands of computers at various locations. In addition to the main campus, the College has seen an unprecedented off-campus expansion. WCC has opened full extension sites in Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and Ossining, while doubling the size of its Peekskill Center. A true community college not only offers courses, but it becomes a real part of the community. There is no better way to illustrate this commitment than through WCC’s expansion into the areas where you live.

The College’s impact goes beyond that of an institution which provides the means for success through courses for members of the community. On a typical day at the College, you will see any of its 300 community volunteers sprucing up the Native Plant Center gardens or helping international students improve their study skills. You will see festive revelers attending WCC’s Italian Club’s many lectures and festivals. You will see older members of the community attending Collegium workshops, intensive learning workshops for mature adults taught by their peers. You will see hundreds of members of the community flocking to the main campus for the College’s annual President’s Forum or the famous Friday Night Film Series or any of WCC’s Smart Arts cultural offerings. You will see members of the business community attending Professional Development Center sessions to improve their skills.

As you start to explore your post-secondary options, consider Westchester Community College. Visit one of its Virtual Open House events to learn how WCC can help you establish the foundation you need for lifelong success – at the lowest tuition rates in the county! Visit at for more information about how Westchester Community College is the college for you!

Remember, #WCChereforyou!


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