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Concordia University Chicago: Christ at the Center

Throughout history, the world has looked to those with the courage and God-given abilities to make a real difference. To lead. To heal. To stand tall.

For over 160 years, Concordia University Chicago (CUC) has been preparing the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, faith and values to make an impact in the world. To share the gifts God gave them and answer the call to a life fulfilled by purpose and meaning. To be living examples of what it means to serve a cause greater than themselves.

Because at Concordia-Chicago, they don’t run away from adversity — they go toward it. They don’t shrink from their faith — they lead with it.

The CUC community treats all people as precious individuals. As human beings made in the image of God. Join a community where students are inspired, challenged and appreciated for their contributions. CUC programs place a primary emphasis on nurturing a deep sense of vocation — a calling to serve both God and others.

Concordia University Chicago

CUC students take part in an engaging academic community that helps them reach their full potential, inspired to improve the lives of others. To meet the needs of the world in which they live, serve and work.

CUC alumni are teachers, caregivers and musicians. Counselors, pastors and business leaders.

Unshakeable pillars of strength and integrity who serve God’s will by serving others.

And the world needs Concordia-Chicago now, more than ever.

Today you are invited to join CUC, and learn how a degree from Concordia University Chicago can help you be the change the world needs. To stand for something greater. To explore their more than 50 areas of undergraduate study. To feel what it’s like to have professors who are passionate about your success. The only question is…are you ready to stand tall?

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