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Create a Brighter, Healthier Tomorrow at Chatham University

Boasting a stunning location in the heart of Pittsburgh, Chatham University offers over 500 courses of study in its areas of excellence: sustainability and health, business and communications, and the arts and sciences. Chatham also offers time- and money-saving opportunities, including integrated degree programs that let qualified students earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in as few as five years.

Dedicated Faculty

The faculty at Chatham are more than teacher-scholars – they’re game-changers for their students. They get to know and understand their students through classes and personal interaction. That’s how they can create opportunities for their students that open avenues students may never have thought to explore.

Financial Aid

Nearly 100 percent of Chatham students receive financial assistance through merit scholarships or need-based aid. That means that for many of its students, the cost of a Chatham education is comparable to – and in some cases lower than – the cost of attending a public institution.

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