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Create Your Success Story at SUNY Fredonia

SUNY Fredonia is dedicated to empowering and equipping students to overcome barriers, pursue their passions, and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. They have an unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that supports students in their journey forward.

Located in one of the most beautiful corners of New York State, Fredonia has recently seen significant renovations of academic buildings, including Rockefeller Arts Center, and the creation of a true STEM corridor with its Science Center as the centerpiece. The College of Education, Health Sciences, and Human Services is expanding its vision to prepare students to serve their communities as teachers and healthcare professionals. The world-renowned School of Music features award-winning faculty and spacious performance spaces. Fredonia's internationally accredited School of Business introduces students to the latest technology and provides them with experiential learning and practical internship opportunities. The diverse College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has provided students with an intellectually challenging humanities, natural sciences, and social and behavioral sciences education. Their programs provide the foundation for a meaningful life, career fulfillment, and the flexibility necessary for today’s rapidly changing world.

Affordability and Value

SUNY Fredonia combines affordability with a commitment to academic excellence, providing students with a high-quality education that is accessible and financially sustainable. SUNY Fredonia awards over $10 million in total scholarships annually. At Fredonia, 97 percent of first-year students are receiving financial aid, while 94 percent of first-year students are receiving a grant or scholarship. SUNY Fredonia is genuinely a private higher education experience at a public tuition price.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Every major at SUNY Fredonia offers real-world opportunities through a blend of engaging courses, interactive experiences, and a vibrant community. Students won’t just learn about their major; they’ll experience it! SUNY Fredonia’s outcomes speak for themselves. 96 percent of Fredonia graduates go into graduate school or the workforce in their given field.

Small Classes and Individualized Attention

Fredonia’s small class sizes mean faculty get to know their students and are genuinely interested in their success. With Fredonia’s inclusive campus environment, students can be themselves, not just a number. Students can create their own path and definition of success because their experience is affordable, accessible, and authentic. Small classes invite creativity and collaboration, while facilitating the development of communication skills found in a work environment.

SUNY Fredonia

Vibrant, Inclusive Campus Life

SUNY Fredonia has a campus atmosphere where connection, inclusion, and belonging are part of the cultural fabric. They have over 120 student clubs and organizations, 19 NCAA Division III teams, and hundreds of music, arts, and theater performances annually. Something is always happening indoors or outside in Fredonia’s gorgeous, four-season climate!

Location and Safety

Fredonia’s 256-acre campus is spacious and cozy at the same time. Fredonia is nestled near the edge of Lake Erie and the picturesque Chautauqua Wine Trail. The campus is known for its striking red-brick architecture and features green spaces, walking paths, and a serene, tree-lined atmosphere, creating an inviting environment for students. The campus has a long record as one of SUNY’s safest campuses. Fredonia’s highly-trained and fully accredited University Police Department provides 24/7/365 protection and a secure atmosphere for all community members.

Create Your Own Success Story

Fredonia’s alumni are nationwide educators in elementary, middle and high school, and college classrooms. They are scientists making significant discoveries and developing new technologies at prestigious universities and companies like Moog, Eli Lilly, Cal Berkeley, and IBM. They are performing on Broadway, at the Met, and in beautiful theaters and arts facilities worldwide. They have been nominated for — and are winning — GRAMMY and Emmy awards. And they are community leaders, making a difference in towns and cities large and small.

Wherever their discoveries take us, a Fredonian knows that the accurate measure of success lies in the people rather than just the product. At Fredonia, success is not a destination — it has no end — instead, success evolves as they do. SUNY Fredonia is preparing the people who will shape our collective future and redefine what’s possible. They lead students to embrace their passions, plans, and paths wherever they go!

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