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Go Beyond at Pitt-Bradford

University of Pittsburgh - Bradford

At the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, you’ll be part of a friendly, welcoming supportive campus community where you’ll get personalized attention. And, since Pitt-Bradford is a regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh, you’ll earn the prestigious Pitt degree, which is respected worldwide.

Need even more reasons to consider Pitt-Bradford? Here are 10 more, in no particular order.

Your Professors Will Rock

1. Your professors will get to know you and will help you succeed. That means they’ll stay after class if you need extra help. They may work with you to conduct research, write a letter of recommendation for you, help you get a great internship, or even go that extra mile to help you get your first job.

Your Pitt Degree Will Take You Beyond

2. Ninety-four percent of graduates are employed, in graduate school, or both, within six months of graduation. Pitt-Bradford alumni have careers at some impressive places, including NASA, Goldman Sachs, ESPN, Airbnb, Yahoo, and the U.S. Secret Service. Others have attended some of the best graduate and professional schools in the country, including the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Stanford and Johns Hopkins universities.

Show Me the Money

3. Pitt-Bradford offers both need- and merit-based financial aid. Nearly all students — 94 percent — who apply for aid receive it.

Really, Show Me the Money

4. If you receive a Federal Pell Grant, the university will match it dollar for dollar.

Find Your Crew

5. Be part of a diverse, welcoming and inclusive campus community and make friends who will always be there for you.

So Many Majors

6. You can choose from more than 40 majors, including biology, criminal justice, nursing, psychology, broadcast communications, education and computer information systems and technology.

No Sticker Shock

7. After applying all of your financial aid, you’ll be surprised how affordable a Pitt education is. The average financial aid package in 2019–20 for a Pennsylvania student is $19,171 and for an out-of-state student is $24,102.

Learn by Doing

8. You’ll get hands-on experience — both on campus and off — that will give you a leg up when you enter the job market. On campus, conduct research with your professor, care for “patients” in a simulated nursing lab, solve mock crimes in the CSI House, hone your counseling skills in the psychology suite, or create radio or TV commercials in all-digital television and radio facilities. Off campus, you can get a great internship. Pitt-Bradford students have interned at Google, the Heinz History Center and Heinz Field, Walt Disney World, the FBI, the BBC and BET networks, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. You also can study in another country. Pitt-Bradford students have studied in South Africa, Thailand, Tanzania, Peru, Jordan, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, Denmark and Cuba.

Living Large

9. All the residence halls are spacious, comfy and furnished. You won’t be stuck in a cramped dorm room. And, when you’re hungry, you’ll have many choices. Get a made-to-order omelet. Make a salad with hydroponically and locally grown greens. Try an ethnic, gluten-free or vegan dish. Crush pancakes at Midnight Breakfast. Enjoy a Starbucks beverage.

Lots To Do

10. You’ll have many athletic, recreational and cultural activities to choose from. For example, you can play baseball, soccer, basketball or wrestle; explore caves, ride horses, go white-water rafting or ski; or enjoy a play, concert, art exhibition or lecture by a visiting author. There also are more than 60 student clubs and organizations from which to choose. You’ll discover that there is always something going on. (See the ad, featuring student Ezoza Ismailova, who is one active young woman.)

Even Prettier in Person

11. You can “visit” right now by checking out the virtual tour at But remember, the campus is even prettier in person no matter what season you’re here.

OK. That’s 11. You weren’t really counting, were you?

Now, why not come visit in person? We think you’ll like what you see. Give a call at1-800-872-1787, email at or schedule a visit online at

In the meantime, get social with the University. Check it out on Facebook at PittBradford, Twitter @PittBradford and Instagram at upittbradford.


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