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IUP: The BIG Small School

In the heart of western Pennsylvania, nestled among rolling hills and picturesque landscapes but just an hour from a major city, lies a university that’s more than just buildings and people — it’s a community, a home away from home. Indiana University of Pennsylvania stands out not just for its academic excellence, but for being “the big small school” that opens doors to endless opportunities.

At IUP, the term “big small school” isn’t just something to put on a t-shirt; it’s a way of life.

It has all the amenities you need at a big school, from more than 100+ programs of study and 374 acres to explore to 19 varsity athletics teams that compete nationally and faculty who are experts in their fields. These advantages are yours to help you build an academic experience that will prepare you for a career that could take you anywhere in the world.

We believe that you should dream big. Many of IUP alumni have done that, and they have gone on to some big things. The co-founder of YouTube is an IUP graduate, as are several working actors and actresses, two former NFL head coaches, as well as some prominent politicians, and business owners across the region.

But this big school feels small. IUP has more than 9,000 students from all over the globe, but not one of them is just a number, and you won’t be, either. Every student at IUP is an integral part of a tight-knit community. With small class sizes and personalized attention from professors,

IUP fosters an environment where students thrive. You’re not just a number; you’re an individual with dreams and ambitions, and at IUP, those dreams are nurtured.

The University’s commitment to providing one-on-one attention extends beyond the classroom. Whether you’re exploring leadership opportunities, engaging in groundbreaking research with professors, or immersing yourself in a vibrant and diverse student population, IUP ensures that every student has the chance to shine. It’s a place where roadblocks are replaced with open doors.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

What sets IUP apart is its emphasis on balance. Yes, it’s a place where you’ll have the time of your life, but it’s also a place where academics take center stage, with a diverse range of programs and a faculty dedicated to your success. The University’s alumni network is a testament to this success, with graduates making strides in their respective fields and always eager to welcome new members to the IUP family.

IUP makes education accessible without compromising on quality. Affordability is a cornerstone, ensuring that financial barriers don’t stand between you and your dreams. While the cost of living has risen dramatically, IUP has worked hard to keep costs down by recently reducing tuition by almost 20 percent for all undergraduate students, and by freezing housing and associated fees the same since 2016.

At IUP, students and their needs are put center stage. The University offers support services that will help you with any challenge you might face, and celebrates your successes because you are family. From the day you arrive, you’ll be assigned a Navigator, a full-time staff member whose sole job is to guide you through your IUP experience and get you the support you need so you can shine. You’ll also have the backing of a faculty advisor, a teacher who is not just an expert in their academic field, but also knowledgeable about how to best prepare you for what’s to come after you graduate.

From vibrant campus events to the countless student organizations, there’s always something exciting happening. At IUP, learning isn’t confined to the classroom; it’s an immersive experience that includes both personal and academic growth. But if you feel the pull from a city, Pittsburgh is just an hour west, and it offers everything you could imagine, or need. IUP is also close to some other cities, with Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, Buffalo, and Cleveland all less than a six-hour drive away, some far less.

So, if you’re seeking a university experience that combines the best of both worlds — a big heart with a small, supportive community — look no further than IUP. It’s a launchpad for your dreams and a home where you’ll find the support and opportunities to make them a reality.


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