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Manhattan College: Experience Given Meaning by Lasallian Values

Manhattan College’s Lasallian Catholic heritage means everything students learn and do is connected to a deeper purpose. Students work together with peers and faculty to put what they’re learning to work for the good of the world. They are valued as individuals. Jaspers are part of a culture that embraces all beliefs, and offers dignity and respect to everyone.

Vibrant and Caring Campus Community

At Manhattan, students explore their passions, develop their talents, and form lifelong friendships. The College’s 11:1 student–faculty ratio means students are known by name. As part of the Manhattan community, students flourish, discovering their place in the world.

Distinguished Faculty Dedicated to Student Success

Students learn from distinguished faculty who challenge them to expand their capabilities while they mentor and guide. With the personal and intellectual growth students will experience, they will have the confidence to find success wherever they go.

Access to NYC and Everything It Offers

Because Manhattan is just a short subway trip to mid-town Manhattan, students are able to intern with the most recognizable organizations in the world. And theater, art, professional sports, great food — it's close enough for students to experience every day.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Manhattan was once referred to as “The Best Kept Secret in New York City.” Today, the secret’s out — Manhattan College is nationally recognized as a top school in preparing its graduates for successful careers at international companies like IBM, Google, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. In fact, Manhattan College is exceeding expected results in areas like starting salaries and mid-career earnings, warranting a “value-added” label from institutions like Forbes, Brookings and Payscale.

Residence Life: A Variety of Living Options

Becoming a resident on campus means becoming part of a community. Manhattan offers a number of ways to live with students who share common interests or lifestyles regardless of major. Each of the five residence halls are unique communities of learning, where every student is guaranteed the right to study hard, live freely and participate in the spontaneous and open exchange of ideas.

The Arches program, a unique learning and living community for freshmen, brings students together in a residence hall as well. Arches students take one class each semester of their freshmen year that is specifically designed for the Arches program, incorporating cultural excursions and service projects. In addition, special events and activities are offered to Arches students, so they can bond, develop a sense of community, and create lasting friendships with peers, faculty and coordinators.

Career Development and Success

Preparation for the career world begins freshman year with career planning and development resources, often followed by an internship in New York City. To gain a deeper, behind-the-scenes understanding of a specific profession, students who apply to the mentor program are paired with professionals in their chosen field, generally Manhattan College alumni. This natural learning process, coupled with co-curricular activities and classes taught by passionate faculty, produces students who are ready for the working world by the time they graduate.

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