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PennWest — Better Together

Pennsylvania Western University continues to take a modern approach to education with its three campuses at California, Clarion and Edinboro.

They’ve combined resources, programs, professors and expertise proving that the three campuses really are better together.

PennWest University blends more than 480 years of educational excellence and gives students the opportunity for more. At PennWest, students have the support of three campuses behind them.

PennWest students have access to top-notch learning opportunities in high-demand fields, including education, healthcare, art, sciences and so much more. PennWest students also are taught through action and immersion. That’s why so many of PennWest programs are built around lab work, field research, externships and work experiences.

With more than 100 degree programs in high-demand fields and a network of 186,000-plus alumni, students create their own unique path and prepare for a career they’ll love.

Every step of the way, students have access to resources and support to succeed not only in the classroom, but also outside of it.

At PennWest, students have access to a wide range of activities including more than 300 student clubs and organizations. Students also cheer on and participate in 48 intercollegiate teams competing at the highest levels across three campuses.

PennWest - Better Together

With superior academics and activities, PennWest’s nearly 12,700 students don’t just go to school, they build their lives on the campuses of their choosing. From rolling hills to lush riversides to a campus lake, the University is nestled in quaint college towns.

PennWest California is located just 35 miles from Pittsburgh, on a beautiful 294-acre riverside campus that includes top recreation facilities, best-in-class housing options, green space and an on-campus farm used for experiential learning and extracurricular activities.

PennWest Clarion rests near the forest but also is a convenient one-minute walk from Clarion’s charming college town. The stunning 201-acre campus features a cutting-edge Fitness Court, cutting edge learning facilities, diverse housing options and countless opportunities for outdoor fun.

PennWest Edinboro is situated just south of Erie, in a bustling college town. The picturesque 585-acre lakeside campus offers state-of-the-art learning facilities, suite-style housing options and incredible outdoor recreation opportunities for every season.

While its physical locations offer a literal place to call home, PennWest’s online program is designed to help students get where they want to be, from wherever they are. Faculty from California, Clarion and Edinboro campuses — not teaching assistants — provide rich content and engaging discussions to ensure the degree students receive is the same quality as the one offered at PennWest’s brick-and-mortar institutions. Supported by state-of-the-art instructional design services and access to the latest online learning technologies, PennWest’s online faculty is dedicated to student success.

PennWest’s approach means opportunities for fresh and diverse experiences that are no longer confined to a single campus; they’re open to the imagination.


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