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The Geneva Tuition Promise


Yes, you read that right.

Geneva College is on a journey of discovery with you — because you were created for a purpose. Together, you and Geneva are seeking God’s design in all things. Integrating faith and life. Exploring, growing, and discerning all that we are created to be and do. You were made for this.

The outcomes of a Geneva College education are clear — its graduates serve as faithful and fruitful leaders across the globe as judges, teachers, engineers, community leaders, analysts, and more. Within six months of graduating, over 93 percent of its graduates are employed or in graduate school. 

While the value of a Geneva education is evident, there is a national recognition that college is a significant investment. Finances are an ever-increasing barrier to many students who seek to access the type of Christian education that Geneva offers. As part of Geneva’s ministry of education, is is taking steps that allow all Pennsylvania families to benefit from the expectational outcomes of a Geneva education. That’s why the College has introduced the Geneva Tuition Promise.

The Geneva Tuition Promise ensures that all eligible, Pennsylvania traditional undergraduate students from families earning less than $70,000 annually will pay no tuition at Geneva College starting with the incoming class in the fall of 2024.*

All students who meet the criteria below will receive the Geneva Tuition Promise:

• Incoming first-year student who resides in the state of Pennsylvania

• Application for admission submitted by March 1

• Household income under $70,000 annually

• Eligible to receive any amount of Pell Grant

Geneva College's Tuition Promise

Geneva College President Calvin L. Troup, PhD says, “Geneva College has a long history of producing outstanding Pennsylvania graduates who are leaders in our communities locally, regionally, and internationally.

The Geneva Tuition Promise invites students from all over Pennsylvania to consider studying at Geneva College where they will be prepared for lives of fruitful and faithful service to God and neighbor.”

The 2023-2024 academic year marks the 175th anniversary of Geneva College. As an academic community that seeks to serve Christ in all that it does the College is thankful that through the Geneva Tuition Promise it can extend its education to many more in the years to come.

In addition to launching the Geneva Tuition Promise for new Pennsylvania students starting in the fall of 2024, Geneva is also advancing the affordability of Geneva College for all students. Beginning in the fall of 2024 the highest achieving academic students can receive up to $20,000 annually totaling $80,000 over four years, an aid increase of over 14 percent towards the completion of their Geneva degree.

Discover how a meaningful education from Geneva College is right for you. Visit today!

*Visit Geneva’s website to determine eligibility and to review conditions.


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