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Tech-Savvy Education for Career-Ready Graduates at NYIT


A degree from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) offers a competitive edge at an exceptional value. In fact, a leading study ranked NYIT among the top 15 percent of American universities based on return on investment. NYIT’s campuses in New York (Old Westbury, Long Island and New York City) and around the world, as well as its online programs, give students an uncommon opportunity to customize a truly global learning experience. “Careers are global. Career competition is global. Education must be global,” said NYIT Provost Rah­mat Shoureshi. Guided by expert faculty members, NYIT students become technology-savvy problem solvers in more than 50 in-demand fields of study, including architecture and design, arts and sciences, education and interdisciplinary studies, engineering and computing sciences, health professions, management, and osteopathic medicine.

NYIT is committed to providing qualified students with access to exceptional opportunities. It offers students flexible schedules, 90 professional academic degree programs, and generous financial aid assistance. The success of this approach is reflected in the achievements of NYIT’s nearly 100,000 alumni around the world. “I apply questions I answered in class to my business all the time,” said Thulani Ngazimbi, who earned a BS in Business Admin­istration and MS in Energy Management at NYIT before co-founding The Rad Black Kids clothing and skateboard line.

Technology is changing the world at warp speed, and NYIT continuously upgrades facilities and deploys advanced technology to meet the evolving needs of students, the marketplace, and the world. That helps students like software wiz Tim Shen, who began his journey to Google in the computer science program at NYIT-Nanjing in his native China and completed his studies on NYIT’s Long Island campus. It also helped mechanical engineering major Steven Patrikis, who said, “My knowledge of 3-D printing gives me an edge in careers that require making many prototypes without using expensive materials during the prototyping phase.”

Inspired Teaching

Faculty members at NYIT are an engaged community of professionals who share a passion for practical education. They mentor students one-on-one while encouraging active learning and collaboration. They aren’t just instructors — they’re lifelong learners and experts in their fields who are also active outside of the classroom. They’re published professionals, expert speakers for their industries, patent and grant awardees, and respected among their peers. They bring this expertise to their courses and impart relevant, career-focused, and technologically-driven lessons that add tremendous value to a college education.

Relevant Experience to Launch Your Career

NYIT prepares students for rewarding careers and helps them realize their goals. That’s why 93.4 percent of students are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.

An enhanced core curriculum is NYIT’s solution for providing the skills that employers are looking for. It gives students skills in communications, literacy, critical and analytical thinking, an interdisciplinary mindset, ethical and civic engagement, a global perspective, and knowledge of the nature and process of arts and sciences.

NYIT also gives students the chance to explore a future career through internships, community service, and events connecting students with employers and alumni. Students benefit from a rich campus life experience as well as leadership opportunities in clubs, organizations, campus-wide events, and intramural sports. “I learned the things I wanted to learn and felt really independent,” says Tara Fraser, who earned a BFA at NYIT and now is a digital content producer at Edelman, one of the world’s largest public relations firms.

A Next Generation University

Some of the most promising career opportunities for graduates require a global understanding. Each of NYIT’s 12,000 students — representing all 50 states and 125 countries — develop the capacity to engage the world. The University brings together students and professors from NYIT’s physical campuses in New York, Canada, China, and the United Arab Emirates into virtual classrooms, applying teaching techniques that enhance local and regional economies, and using technology to customize and enhance the NYIT experience for individual needs and cultures. “NYIT is simply the best place for any aspiring professional to get an education in the field of technology,” said Amal Al Haddabi, an MBA graduate who heads one of the leading think tanks in the Middle East.

Students at NYIT’s campuses have many opportunities to study abroad and see the world firsthand. In the past few years, NYIT students have traveled to China, Costa Rica, Italy, Ecuador, France, India, Haiti, Nicaragua, and other countries to study architecture, redesign landscapes, produce film documentaries, provide medical services, and participate in global business simulations. NYIT student Arnost Wallach, who participated in an ecotourism project in Puerto Rico, said, “The project introduced me to the possibility of having a positive impact on the world.”

NYIT’s commitment to interdisciplinary study and research enables students to collaborate on projects that span different fields of study. Recently, a group of students studying architecture, engineering, and management developed an award-winning business plan for an NYIT faculty-student research collaboration that created a system that up-cycles water bottles to form roof shingles for shelters in disaster-stricken or developing nations. “Our goal is to challenge students to make sure that when they leave, they have critical-thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills,” said Megan Siemers, NYIT’s assistant dean of campus life.

Flexible and Connected

NYIT’s blend of traditional and online coursework allows students to customize an educational environment to best suit their learning styles and schedules. The community-oriented online learning environment ensures that digital students are always connected with classmates and professors. This type of flexibility is critical today, when personal responsibilities, work schedules, and other commitments can make it difficult to attend classes.

Build Your Success Story at NYIT

NYIT has successfully created an educational environment that works across global and digital boundaries. The “anywhere, anytime” advantage of an NYIT education provides students around the world with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed, wherever they are. As the 21st century provides new opportunities for the global marketplace, NYIT offers new avenues of success for students who are ready to make their mark on the professions of today and tomorrow. NYIT graduate Francis Coiro, an architect who has worked at MTV and One World Observa­tory, offers some words of advice: “Make a good impression everywhere you go, draw on your experience, and always be willing to take your skill set and apply it to something new.”

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