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Discover Your Purpose at Kent State U.

Follow your passion to Kent State University and find your purpose.

As one of Ohio’s largest public research institutions, Kent State University is the next-door neighbor worth getting to know. Kent State offers more than 280 academic programs, a college of Podiatric Medicine and a partnership with Northeast Ohio Medical University, one of Ohio’s premier medical schools.

From aviation to architecture, you’ll find your field of study at Kent State, including an internationally renowned School of Fashion Design, ranked 4th in the U.S. and 17th in the world. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Kent State among its First-Tier Universities and the College of Aeronautics and Engineering is the top ranked aviation school in Ohio.

Kent State is a national leader in design innovation, and the University’s Liquid Crystal Institute is known worldwide for its advances in materials science. Since 1965, discoveries made in Kent State laboratories have propelled technological advances ranging from digital watches to liquid crystal television displays.

Kent State’s state-of-the-art Integrated Sciences Building, the anchor of its science corridor, opened in September 2017 and reinforces its commitment to research and discovery. At the Brain Health Institute, Kent State scientists are making giant strides in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

What’s more, the University’s picturesque campus with a vibrant residence life is what you will envision when you dream about going away to college. Throw a Frisbee across the green or meet your friends at the Kent Student Center to enjoy a meal from the award-winning dining services, voted best in the nation by College Rank.

All of this is just 100 miles from downtown Pittsburgh. It’s far enough away to let you spread your wings, yet close enough to visit Mom and Dad on a weekend or break.

When it comes to spreading your wings, Kent State offers more than 200 education-abroad opportunities in more than 60 countries.

At the Kent Campus, more than 400 student organizations exist to satisfy nearly every student interest, while the newly expanded and renovated LGBTQ Center reinforces Kent State’s commitment to diversity, acceptance and inclusion.

Kent State has more than 39,000 students, representing 104 countries, studying on eight campuses throughout northeast Ohio. About 28,000 of those students attend the Kent Campus, where more than 6,000 take advantage of student housing or take part in traditional Greek life of fraternity and sorority houses.

The Kent Campus has been ranked the 11th safest college campus in the nation. Located in Kent, Ohio, the campus is an integral part of a small town known for its laid-back vibe and diverse culture. A renovated downtown offers thriving dining and entertainment options.

Close by are Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown, with venues such as the National Football Hall of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Nearby, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers outdoor enthusiasts hiking and bike trails, as well as skiing and other winter sports.

Leaving home is daunting, and leaving your home state can be expensive. Kent State we will work with you to keep your college costs as affordable as possible, offering special grants and scholarships just for out-of-state students. Many of the University’s out-state-students discover that they can attend Kent State and pay less than they would at a Pittsburgh-area college.

A new program, expected to be adopted for incoming freshmen in fall 2018, will allow students to lock in their tuition rate for four years, taking the guesswork out of college costs and allowing for realistic budgeting and planning.

At Kent State you will become part of the long and storied history of a university that places a high value on civil rights, inclusion and diversity. Kent State is one of the largest universities in the nation, yet one of the closest families in the world. The University’s Golden Flashes alumni are 241,000 strong. No matter where your career path leads, you’ll find Kent State alumni there ready to share advice, offer experience and help you succeed.

When making your college plans, follow your passion to Kent State University, where you will discover your purpose and find a forever family.

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