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Your Wilson Story - An Affordable Pathway to Your Future

Wilson College has a collaborative, student-focused environment that lets you explore and discover, while giving you the skills you need to achieve your goals. From taking first-year seminars that ease your college transition to successfully completing work within your major during senior year, you will enjoy an individual education that is focused on you.

Known for the quality of its faculty and academic programs, Wilson offers:

  • 35 majors and 43 minors

  • Career-oriented programs

  • Faculty mentors

  • A transformative experience

Wilson College prepares you for your first job and for jobs that don’t yet exist. It teaches you to think critically, solve complex problems and communicate effectively, enabling you to adapt to an ever-changing global world. Your life and experiences beyond the classroom are just as important at Wilson. You’ll find more than 50 student-run clubs and activities, giving you the opportunity to explore your interests. There are also plenty of leadership opportunities to further hone your skills for the workplace.

Wilson’s inclusive environment fosters community and encourages students to pursue the opportunities — both new and familiar — that make each student’s story unique. You’ll experience small classes and research opportunities that allow you to work closely with faculty mentors committed to your success.

A Commitment to Value

Wilson believes in providing an affordable college education that offers real value and successful outcomes for its students. Wilson understands that college is a big investment and has taken steps to ensure value and affordability for its students. Wilson pioneered the nation’s first student loan buyback program, which allows qualifying students to earn up to $10,000 toward their federal student loan debt.

But value is about more than the cost of college; it’s also about making sure you have the programs and support you need to be successful at Wilson and in life after graduation. That support starts at the beginning of your college years. Because Wilson understands that transitioning to college and learning new expectations can be difficult for new students, Wilson developed a first-year orientation and First-Year Seminar program to help. Orientation lets you meet your classmates, feel comfortable on campus and begin developing friendships that will last a lifetime. The First-Year Seminars are taught by faculty who will prepare you to be successful. These programs are meant to form the foundation of your Wilson experience.

Once you enter the Wilson community, the Office of Career Development becomes your partner in preparing you for success after graduation. The career development office offers a four-year program that includes everything from internships and networking opportunities to mock interviews, résumé preparation and even how to present yourself on professional social media outlets like LinkedIn.

College is about your future and your story, so let Wilson help you succeed at the highest levels.

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