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Launch Your Life: Drew University

Sky’s the limit? Why limit yourself to the sky?

Launch — Drew’s one-of-a-kind, leading edge path to a degree — syncs career development with rigorous academics and powerful community. Know what you want to do? Let’s get started. Not sure? Let’s explore.

Drew guarantees two real-world, résumé-ready experiences — like internships, six New York City Semesters (at the UN, on Wall Street, and in Communications, Contemporary Art, Social Entrepreneurism and Theater), hands-on research, etc. — and plenty of opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials. A mentorship team supports and guides you along the way as you choose from more than 50 majors and minors from Anthropology to Physics, Business to Public Health, Computer Science to Writing…and everything in between.

You graduate with more knowledge, more skills, more experience, more mentors and more opportunities. You graduate ready to launch.

Put the “Hire” in Higher Education

Drew pairs career development with rigorous academics and membership in a powerful student and alumni community. It’s built into each of your four years at Drew.

“I began my senior year already committed to my dream job of working at a top investment bank and even had the opportunity to turn down other incredible opportunities at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, UBS, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Prudential, Estée Lauder and CNBC. I would call that a successful college experience.” Sabrina Fruci ’14, Analyst, JP Morgan.

Learn It. Use It.

Drew guarantees two (but you can have three or four or five!) hands-on learning experiences. They, plus the four years of guidance provided along the way, give you experience and perspective so that you’re more than ready for graduate school or your first job. You might conduct real-world research alongside world-class scientists and faculty experts, manage actual investments made with real money, intern at a global philanthropy or produce a play with a professional theater company.

Learn for Your Life

At Drew, faculty mentors share mind blowing knowledge and make-or-break skills. Professors link what they teach to real-world applications — a launch pad for whatever’s next. You expand your knowledge and skills, and your studies connect to your professional or graduate school goals.

Find your Yoda(s)

You start collaborating with faculty mentors or academic advisors at Orientation. Then Drew helps you expand and customize a mentorship team that will guide you to define, refine and achieve your goals. The additional team members could be an alum in the field, an industry leader, a campus expert, a coach, etc. They share advice and provide support throughout your four years at Drew.

Plug In

You join a powerful community of friends-for-life and first-rate fellow students. You collaborate on solutions to real problems, take the train to class in New York City and study for exams. They save you a seat at lunch, lend you their power cord, laugh at your jokes and proofread your résumé.

Build Your Brand

Drew provides plenty of opportunities for you to earn industry-recognized credentials — a certificate in digital marketing, business analysis or SAP for example — that most people typically obtain well after they graduate. These credentials polish your résumés, pair with your major and help smooth the way for internships, jobs or graduate programs.

The Bottom Line

Ninety-four percent of recent grads were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Plus, Drew lowered tuition by 20 percent for fall 2018, rolling it back to 2010 levels to provide even greater access to the benefits of a Drew education for even more families. Drew’s generous scholarships and need-based financial aid also lower costs and debt, and 80 percent of students receive merit or need-based aid. The University has been featured on Washington Monthly's "Best Bang for the Buck" list since it debuted five years ago, and, according to the nonprofit Project on Student Debt, Drew’s graduates have lower average debt compared to other colleges, public and private.

Discover Drew Day, September 22 — visit on campus and discover Drew for yourself. No mega open houses here — the more intimate Discover Drew Days, allow you to spend just a few hours “in the forest” and hear from current students, take a tour and meet faculty members who could become your real-life Yoda.

To learn more, go to or contact at or (973) 408-DREW.

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