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Holy Family University: The Value of Family

Holy Family University - College Fair Guide

Holy Family University is a fully accredited Catholic, private, co-educational university offering undergraduate, graduate, and rapid degree programs. The University’s main campus is in Northeast Philadelphia with an additional location in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1954 by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth as a private, not-for-profit, faith-inspired community, Holy Family University propels graduates to purpose-driven, values-centered lives through outstanding academic programs, flexible delivery options, manifold experiential learning opportunities, supportive career development, and deep personal connections.

In addition to its growth in numbers of students, its geographic expansion from Philadelphia into surrounding counties, its provision of residence opportunities, and its adoption of alternative pedagogical delivery strategies, the University’s purpose has remained essentially unchanged — to offer a high-quality, affordable, personalized, and values-centered education in the firm tradition of Catholic higher education. Additionally, Holy Family University is a dynamic institution responding today in order to provide for tomorrow’s needs, always keeping in mind the practical professional outcomes that are important to its students.

School of Arts & Sciences

Stemming from our rich tradition of providing a liberal arts education that balances arts and sciences to create purposeful world citizens, the School of Arts and Sciences offers an exciting range of degrees and study options. In fact, Holy Family University offers 17 Bachelor of Arts degree programs, one Bachelor of Science degree, and three interdisciplinary degrees. Let the University’s supportive faculty guide you in achieving your dreams.

School of Business Administration

The world of business is fascinating and constantly evolving. The School of Business Administration prepares you for the future — regardless of whether you will be launching your business career, changing career directions, or considering graduate school. You will learn to embrace technology, view business through an increasingly global lens, and treat colleagues with respect and compassion.

School of Education

Since 1977, more than 3,200 of Holy Family students have earned Pennsylvania teaching certification. The School of Education provides a high standard of education at a reasonable cost and has become a leading choice for high school graduates, experienced teachers seeking advanced qualifications, and working adults who wish to start a new career. Allow Holy Family to help you on the way to a more fulfilling career.

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Holy Family University nurses and radiologic science professionals are found in major hospitals throughout the region, and have developed a widespread reputation for graduates that are sought after by the healthcare industry. The School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions’ accredited undergraduate programs are ideal for high school graduates, experienced nurses, and radiologic science professionals seeking additional training — or working adults who wish to start an entirely new career. One of the best things about nursing, apart from the service that you’re rendering to society, is that this career path consistently stays in high demand.

Graduate and Professional Studies

Holy Family University also offers master's degrees and doctorates in a range of disciplines. All programs are led by exceptional and dedicated professors and facilitators with a learning environment that will not only challenge you to deliver your best, but will support you on the journey.

Admission to advanced degree programs requires prior completion of an undergraduate degree from a recognized accredited four-year institution.

If the typical graduate school isn’t what you’re looking for, or you began but never finished a degree program, students can accelerate their career on their schedule with Holy Family University's Rapid Degree Programs. Offering an alternative to the traditional college semester these programs help students get to the next level in their career, or finish a degree, as quickly as possible.

The Rapid Degree Programs offer a variety of class options from online, hybrid, weekend, and evening class times that best fit everyone’s schedule — all delivered in 8-week sessions.

Career Development Center

At Holy Family University, careers run in the family.

The mission of the Career Development Center is to provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to become successful in the job market after graduation. This exploration begins during freshman year and continues after graduation. The Center takes seriously the needs of the students and graduates, understanding that navigating a job search can be challenging in a new field. Students and alumni receive individualized career guidance in formulating and pursuing their career goals. From self-assessment, through career exploration, to devising the tools for an effective job search, personalized service helps meet the needs of each.

Learn more about all of the University’s options by visiting or attend one of its upcoming Open Houses.

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