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Elizabethtown College: Be a Force for Good

Can you do good in the world and earn a good living too? Elizabethtown College students do. They become the influential advocates and changemakers, exceptional communicators, and cause organizers the world needs more of. You’ll find its ‘Educate for Service’ motto written all across its campus, but you won’t just read it. You’ll live it. An Etown education is designed to help you become a force for good. In your education. In your community. In your career.

Etown combines the most sought-after professional programs taught by outstanding professor-mentors, guaranteed high-impact experiences like research, internships, and cross-cultural study all with a 124+ year tradition of learning to think critically, analyze deeply, and communicate effectively.

U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, and Forbes rank Elizabethtown College among the top colleges in the nation. That’s because of the support and access it provides for its students.

With over 70 majors that can be paired with over 100 minors and concentrations, an Etown education will make you exceptional in whatever profession you choose.

Etown’s student body is made up of more than 2,000 students from a range of different racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. With a first-generation student population of more than 33 percent, Etown is proud to offer a quality education to students seeking to find their most fulfilling path. Nearly every student on its campus receives some level of financial aid with the College offering over $30 million in institutional scholarships and grants in order to provide access to an affordable education.

Elizabethtown College - Be a Force for Good

Etown is also a place where you can express yourself. A wide variety of student clubs and organizations are offered to help you discover your passion and connect with others and the 24 NCAA DIII athletic programs provide you with the chance to compete beyond the classroom. You’ll find that the student-centered culture is at the heart of everything Etown does.

Elizabethtown College has something for everyone, but you should find that out for yourself. Visit Etown and learn why so many of its students find the campus so exceptional. Join for an upcoming Open House on April 20 or for one of the many other visit opportunities. Register today at


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