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Experience Valuable Growth at Waynesburg University

Consistently ranked a best value school, Waynesburg University has built a reputation for value, high-quality education and outcomes.

The University’s focus on service annually impacts thousands of individuals in its local communities and internationally, and its Strategy for the 21st Century affirms its commitment to developing an entrepreneurial mindset and ethical leadership skills for all students. Top programs include nursing, counseling and criminal justice, which rank among the best nationally.

Waynesburg University offers more than 70 undergraduate major concentrations and four integrated bachelors-to-master’s programs in business, counseling, criminal investigation and education, in addition to several graduate and professional programs, both online and in-person. The University’s Pathways Center provides comprehensive student support services to help all students succeed and grow in their vocation and calling.

Rooted in its mission of faith, learning and service, the private, Christian university is located on a beautiful, traditional campus in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania, with an additional site for graduate and professional studies in Southpointe.

Grow in Knowledge

What makes Waynesburg truly special is that academics are about far more than class. They’re the foundation for a culture of growth, championed through academic excellence and personalized guidance that nurtures mind, spirit and future. Programs accelerate student growth through hands-on classes, research, internships, service trips and career planning.

“Academically, Waynesburg University has taught and prepared me with the essentials to begin my career in the criminal justice field,” shared Kaleikaumaka Cruz, a criminal justice administration major from Honolulu, Hawaii. “Outside of the classroom, our department works hard to connect us with potential employers and internships. Every year, they plan a job fair, solely for Criminal Justice and Forensic Science majors, that allows us to meet and talk with varying potential employers from local, state and federal agencies.”

Valuable Growth

U.S. News & World Report regularly recognizes Waynesburg University as a Best Value School among both private and public universities in the northern United States.

2023 marks Waynesburg’s fifth consecutive year on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Value Regional Universities North list, which recognizes schools for their high-quality academic programs combined with low costs.

Waynesburg ranked No. 3 among the 14 Pennsylvania schools listed. Seventy-eight schools in total across Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont earned the best value ranking.

More than 90 percent of students receive some form of financial aid each year, and tuition, room and board is approximately $13,000 below the national average for a private, non-profit, four-year college. Between Achievement Awards and additional scholarships; federal, state and institutional grants; a number of work study opportunities; and student and/or parent education loans, Waynesburg University is quite affordable.

Grow Through Service

While guiding students in the development of specific skills and talents, Waynesburg also provides opportunities to apply and sharpen them through service. In fact, students, faculty and staff spend approximately 50,000 hours each year working to improve the lives of others.

The Center for Service Leadership provides service learning trips during the summer and school breaks through partnerships with more than 50 local, regional, and international service agencies. The Center also runs the Bonner Scholar Program at Waynesburg University, which awards scholarships to students in exchange for a commitment to community service during their time enrolled in classes.

“I have grown in my passion for service and for advocating on behalf of underserved communities,” said Christopher Battaglia, a student from Roaming Shores, Ohio, double majoring in sociology and political science. “Through the Sociology Program, I have learned the theory and skills working in the community, while being able to apply those skills in my Bonner Program service.”

Grow in Grace

Waynesburg helps students develop academically and professionally on the foundation of faith. Faith is an integral part of the University’s mission, and students have the opportunity to discuss theory and application of faith in their professions.

“As somebody going into ministry, Waynesburg’s faith-oriented culture was immediately attractive,” shared Nick Haushalter, a biblical and ministry studies major from State College, Pennsylvania. “During my visits, I found the people here to be welcoming, personable and always ready to dive into the kinds of deep conversations I love. Many people have said that the best thing about Waynesburg is the people you find here, and that was apparent to me from the start.”

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