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Lewis University: an Experience of Discovery

Lewis University believes that working together in community creates opportunities for all to learn, serve and succeed. The University develops students who have the knowledge and skills to lead in their communities and make a difference in society.

Located just 35 miles SW of Chicago, Lewis students benefit from the best of both worlds: A picturesque suburban campus on more than 400 acres, with all the amenities and conveniences at your fingertips, as well as direct access to the surrounding communities and the world-class city of Chicago. Unlike more “rural” colleges, there is no shortage of social, cultural or career opportunities for you to take full advantage of.

The direct application of what you learn makes your education both practical and cutting-edge. Class projects, research opportunities, clinical experiences, volunteer programs, service learning and internships provide you with numerous ways to enhance your leadership and teamwork skills. These are exactly the type of experiences employers are looking for and are often hard to get at larger institutions. Lewis offers unique opportunities from which you can learn. From your first day on campus you can get involved in the radio or TV broadcasting studios, the Philip Lynch Theatre, athletics and intramurals, esports, university ministry and more.

Lewis University - College Fair Guide

The connections you make in your years at Lewis are important. They may lead to lifelong friendships, career opportunities, or even a move to a new country upon graduation.

You’ll experience a lot during your years at Lewis, and it’s important for you to find a school that fits with who you are. The University is committed to helping you forge relationships that will make you successful. Ninety percent of Lewis students get hired in a job that uses their degree, or go on to graduate school. The University Office of Career Services offers ongoing seminars designed to build your portfolio.

If you’d like to visit the campus online, take a virtual tour. Contact Lewis at or


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