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Utica College: Small College, Big Opportunity

At Utica College (UC), students experience the best of both worlds. Located in the heart of Central New York, UC combines many of the advantages of a large university — such as innovative programs, world-renowned faculty, advanced research facilities, and real-world learning opportunities — with the personal attention and close-knit culture of a small, private college. With more than 40 academic majors, Utica College offers a unique blend of liberal and professional studies that provides students with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to build successful lives and achieve their dreams.

A History of Innovation

UC has a proud history. The College was founded in 1946 to serve veterans returning from World War II. Over the decades that followed, UC has seen remarkable growth, earning a national reputation for excellence and innovation. Several programs are ranked among the top in the nation, including cybersecurity, construction management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, and public relations/journalism. Since the College’s founding, its mission has remained the same: that of making the dream of a quality, private education more attainable for the families and communities it serves.

Taking the Lead on Affordability

In 2015, Utica College took the lead in college affordability, reducing the cost of undergraduate tuition and fees by 42 percent — and that’s before financial aid. As a result, Utica was proud to offer the best private college price among peer institutions in the Northeast region, from New York to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Along with setting a better tuition price, Utica College continues to award both merit scholarships and need-based grants to qualified students, lowering the cost even further.

Today, Utica College remains on the forefront among American higher education institutions in seizing the initiative on the important issue of college affordability.

Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

With Utica College’s Four-Year Graduation Guarantee, students get all the support they need to stay on track, achieve their goals, and graduate on time … guaranteed. That means greater savings and a shorter path to their chosen careers.

Coming ‘Home’

When visitors come to UC for an admissions event or a private visit, they discover an extraordinarily welcoming community of students, faculty, and staff; a campus that celebrates diversity in all of its forms; a place that feels like home. While UC’s programs, facilities, and learning technologies are of exceptional quality, what truly sets Utica College apart is its people.

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