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Finish Strong at St. Petersburg College

When selecting a college, a student has many considerations, and St. Petersburg College (SPC) strives to meet and exceed those expectations. SPC’s mission is to empower its students and the community, and it works hard to ensure student success, as well as to instill a care for community so that its graduates not only work in the community but are also nurturing members of it.

Take a look at some of what SPC offers its students to break down barriers that can block their path to success so they finish strong:


SPC wants to remove cost as a deterrent to education. That’s why its tuition is half that of a state university. The College also provides students with assistance exploring their financial aid options, including federal or state grants, institutional grants and scholarships, work study, and student loans. The College also offers an interest-free payment plan to assist students with out-of-pocket costs.


Though its tuition is low, value is not diminished. SPC takes pride in its accreditation, as it is a sign that a college or program complies with rigorous standards and holds a high commitment to quality. SPC professors are accomplished and respected in their fields. Among them are published authors, practicing lawyers and award-winning scientists. But students won’t find themselves taking classes in giant auditoriums. Their professors know their names and work hard to see that they succeed.


Since most of SPC students are working adults, many with children, the College wants to help them balance their education with their daily obligations. So SPC offers a flexible schedule with day, evening and weekend classes. The College has more than 50 programs completely online and hundreds of online classes. And, with 11 learning sites across Pinellas County, SPC’s state-of-the-art facilities and resources are easily accessible. It even provides free bus passes to all of its students to make sure transportation is not an issue.


Many students seek assistance in facing the academic demands of higher education, whether it be in one or all of their classes. SPC offers a strong support system, in which students can sit down with a tutor at one of its Learning Resource Centers for one-on-one assistance or get help from online tutors, who are available 24-7 for those late-night study questions.


SPC offers more than 110 degree and certificate programs to choose from, and its Academic Advisors and Career Counselors can survey a student’s interests and strengths in order to match them with a program that will put them in a career that feels like a calling, instead of just a job. Once they’ve chosen a major, students are steered down a clear path that includes specialized guidance, streamlined class schedules and a cohort of students who are on the same track.


Once a student begins to approach the end of their program, SPC readys them for a career search. Career Advisors are on hand to offer indispensable guidance, which includes help crafting a winning résumé and offering advice and practice for interviews. Best of all, SPC’s career-focused programs mean that students will have the opportunity for hands-on practice through internships and apprenticeships with local businesses. This provides experience for their résumés as well as industry connections that are beneficial in a career search. Many SPC students find themselves working at the place where they completed their internship. Plus, SPC students earn the highest entry-level wages among state community college graduates.


Students who are engaged in their college experience prove to be more successful. SPC believes fun is part of attending college! SPC students find many opportunities to get involved, whether through playing sports or becoming an SPC Titans fan; joining a club where they will meet other students who share their interests; or honing their leadership skills through student government. Students also have countless opportunities to volunteer within the College and outside in the community. These experiences strengthen their bonds with their instructors and fellow students, as well as with their community.

St. Petersburg College’s greatest pride lies not in its outstanding programs, modern facilities or excellent professors. It is most proud of its graduates, who lift up themselves, their families and communities with their contributions through their careers and their spirit. SPC’s goal is to ensure that nothing stops them.

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